N Jayasankar


N Jayasankar

Chairman of the Board

Jay has graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from University of Madras in 1995.

He hails with a rich background of IT and has worked with various Software Companies of great repute. He has over 19 years of industry experience and is known for his accomplishments and expertise in Desktop & Web Applications development. He has more than 10 years of experience catering to the POS industry and has played key role in designing, developing and implementing intelligent Point-of-Sale applications for various hospitality, retail and entertainment companies across the globe.

Jay has always been passionate about Point-of-Sale (POS) Application Development from his early years and has a vision of creating world's most innovative POS application development company. He founded ProTeam Softwares India Private Limited in 2004 and brought it to a level where companies from across the globe looks as ProTeam as a preferred vendor for various IT services like Custom Software application development, Consulting, Web and Mobile application development, Testing and Support. Under his eminent leadership ProTeam has spread its arms to US, Canada, Sweden, Australia and Libya focusing on various domains of POS like Hospitality, Retail, Entertainment ticketing industry, including Events, Special Events, sports, music and arts.etc.

Jay is a people's person and believes in team work. He welcomes idea; protects and nurtures it however big or small it is. It is important to have an idea and not important from where it has originated.

He is a dedicated, dynamic, result oriented team player with excellent interpersonal skills. Strong, self motivated, resourceful and responsive person.

His dreams about creating an error free society. He serves the needy and loves contributing in creating a society we all dream about.

Welcome to ProTeam Softwares India Private Limited.

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